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SIM2xTV is an all-digital device using LASER hybrid illumination and DLP® picture technology to create images that are finely-tuned to reproduce the diversity of colors, exceptional clarity, and extended dynamics expected of a SIM2 product. The use of LASER technology allows SIM2xTV to reach a maximum brightness of 2900 Ansi Lumens almost instantaneously. Also, LASER technology makes the SIM2xTV a truly “Green display”: no mercury lamps and no need of lamp replacement, thus avoiding the pollution caused during lamp disposal. Its innovative ultra-short throw lens enables SIM2xTV to produce up to 110” images from just a short distance away from the wall or screen.

SIM2xTV has three HDMI inputs to easily connect video sources (UHD BD player, satellite/cable DVR, computers/ servers, media streamers, games console, etc.), and it can be easily integrated into a control system via RS232 connection. Wireless connectivity can be achieved via a media streaming device such as Google’s ChromeCast (via HDMI).

SIM2 BV International s.r.l.

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