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Installation Flexibility

Installation flexibility

An elegant alternative solution to large, cumbersome flat TVs, SIM2xTV integrates into any living space.


The desire to try to create a more immersive video experience at home – or any other viewing location - has meant that larger and larger TV sizes are finding their way into these environments. Whilst the size is impressive, when the TV is switched off its presence is not so impressive. There really is no way to disguise a large appliance hanging on the wall, unfortunately.
SIM2 has always believed that a truly immersive viewing experience only comes from a projector, and it is this thinking that went into an innovative solution for any viewing environment: SIM2xTV. This new SIM2 model combines the large screen experience of a projector with possibly the most discreet display device ever created. Rather like having your cake and eating it, you might say.

SIM2xTV is the result of years of intense research and passion devoted to the creation of a new concept, fully integrating visual entertainment with interior design. SIM2’s world-renowned R&D department challenged itself to combine the latest technological advances, extraordinary design thinking and top-class performance into a product that is unmistakably SIM2.
SIM2 xTV is perfect for adding a special and unique touch to suit any room style (office, theater, luxury and fashion stores, or other environments), while creating a fully immersive SIM2-quality image when you want it.
The ultra-short throw ratio lens allows you to place the SIM2xTV close to the wall to achieve an impressive image size up to 110” diagonal. SIM2xTV is designed to be projected on to any flat, light colored surface depending on your wishes.
And, for those who wish to seamlessly integrate the display into the home’s design and minimize the visual impact on the décor, SIM2 has engineered the SIM2xTV INV(3) model.

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