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Crystal Glass Materials


A perfect balance of beautiful design and exceptional materials to satisfy the most refined tastes..


SIM2 xTV blends a uniquely sophisticated combination of modernity, elegance, traditional craftsmanship, and luxury. Designer Giorgio Revoldini has chosen an eternally contemporary shape enhanced with crystal-glass, a pure and sustainable material, to bring a new dimension in luxury in product design.
SIM2xTV features a cabinet made of a special high-tech crystal-glass crafted specifically to optimize image performance.

An elaborate process is applied to each surface of the crystal-glass to ensure that any unwanted stray light is tightly controlled. SIM2’s R&D department used complex raytracing analysis to finalize the specifications of the coatings.
Crystal-glass is resistant to light and high/low temperature colorations, retaining its lustrous finish even after many years of use. And, from a purely aesthetic point of view, crystal glass is simply stunning. We are all drawn to it. It is synonymous with quality.

SIM2 BV International s.r.l.

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